Premium turkey producer promotes its slow rearing methods

Father and son team Derek and Paul Kelly of Kelly Bronze Turkeys in Danbury.

Father and son team Derek and Paul Kelly of Kelly Bronze Turkeys in Danbury.

Premium turkey producer Kelly Turkeys is launching a campaign which promotes its KellyBronze birds as using “one of the slowest farming methods in the world”.

The drive will also promote the product’s ‘quick to cook’ attribute because of its maturity, meat marbling and artisan hand finishing.

“We are highlighting the uniqueness of KellyBronze over any other turkey on the market,” said Paul Kelly, who runs the family business, which is based at Danbury in Essex.

“The move to more completely wild woodland turkeys makes us really stand out from others, and taking poults from the first hatches of the season means we have the most mature turkeys possible.”

Their research showed customers will pay a premium for the very best for Christmas Day, he said.

“As far as we are aware, we are the only turkey company in the world to have control of pure line genetics through breeding, hatching, growing and processing in a fully licensed plant,” he said.

The new point-of-sale material and new value-added lines, including joints and easy carve, are designed to tap further into the value-added route. The material features four-page flyers, posters and brochures.

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The firm will also be running a Christmas turkey 24-hour ‘drive-through’ at Springate Farm so that customers can collect their birds. It runs from 8am on December 23 through to 5pm on December 24.

“We like to make collecting the turkey a really special occasion for families who often bring their children to join in the festive mood – but if you just don’t have the time you’ll now be able to come when you choose through the night,” said Paul, who will be on hand through the early hours.

“For some this will mean no more taking time away from work or arranging for friends or family to pick up their Christmas turkey.”

The service is to celebrate the 30th birthday of the KellyBronze turkey, first sold to the public in 1984 on the reintroduction of bronze-feathered birds to the UK and going on to win a succession of awards as the premium traditional bird.