Red Tractor assurance scheme plans major campaign ahead of Brexit

Jim Moseley, chief executive of Red Tractor Assurance.
Picture: Tim Scrivener/

Jim Moseley, chief executive of Red Tractor Assurance. Picture: Tim Scrivener/ - Credit: Tim Scrivener/

The Red Tractor assurance scheme is planning a new campaign in a bid to raise public awareness of the standards which underpin the logo.

Market research carried found that shoppers would be twice as likely to purchase a product carrying the Red Tractor label if their understood more about it.

Red Tractor chief executive Jim Moseley said that, due to Brexit, UK farm-assured produce could come under even more pressure from imported food.

As a result, differentiating a UK product from an import in terms of its production standards, origin, traceability and safety had never been more important.

“The new campaign will focus on the reassurance that Red Tractor brings to consumers through its rigorous checks against the high standards of British agriculture,” he said. “We need more shoppers to know more about the food they are buying to increase active sourcing of assured food.”

The consumer research found that 80% of primary UK shoppers want to support British farmers and 69% are aware of the Red Tractor on-pack logo although only 58% say they are positively influenced by the logo at present.

The new campaign, which will involve a mix of broadcast, print and digital channels, is due to start later this year.

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“The positive reputation of British farming is well deserved, built on decades of public trust, added Mr Moseley. “However, one negative story about a farm that is not complying to assurance standards 365 days a year can quickly spread to millions of consumers and undermine that trust. Now is the time for every member to do their bit and protect the integrity of the logo.”