Red Tractor launches trailer sticker scheme

Red Tractor has launched a sticker scheme.

Red Tractor has launched a sticker scheme. - Credit: Archant

A farm assurance scheme has teamed up with an agricultural machinery maker to launch a stickers scheme.

Red Tractor has printed 15,000 trailer stickers with backing from Massey Ferguson bearing the slogans ‘Great Food, Great Farming’ and ‘Trust the Tractor’ to raise awareness among consumers of what the assurance logo stands for.

The stickers are free for Red Tractor members and licensees.

“We are always looking for ways to increase the visibility of the logo and explain what it stands for,” said Red Tractor’s scheme member manager Charlotte Johnston.

“Our farmers are out and about all the time, particularly in the summer, so if we can have 15,000 trailers or vehicles moving around with these stickers on then it will be a simple but effective way of raising the profile of the logo.”

Massey Ferguson is providing a free branded tractor for farmers to hire for events.