Renewables boss hits out at energy policy

A RENEWABLES entrepreneur has hit out at Government Ministers claiming they were sending out mixed messages over energy policy.

Suffolk-based Steve Sharratt, chief executive of Bio Group in Cambridge, said firms needed confidence and certainty.

He cited Lord Heseltine’s roadmap for ecoonomic growth, entitled No Stone Unturned, which was published this week.

“Lord Heseltine’s Report talks about the need for a clear and consistent long term energy policy,” he said.

“So why oh why do Ministers in particular think that it helps anyone, other than themselves win fleeting headlines and column inches, to undermine, chip away and rock confidence in what little energy policy we do have?

“Every time we see confidence and certainty undermined, we see less appetite for investment, for funding, for business growth.

“It’s not that difficult.

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“There is nothing wrong with having a different view or perspective, but there is everything wrong with airing a contrary view in public or briefing behind the scenes. Businesses don’t do it and neither should government - particularly when investment is so badly needed to boost our economy.”

When in Government there was a “fundamental responsibility to act responsibly”, he said. He called on ministers to “think carefully” about creating headlines.