Reydon: Print firm Micropress celebrates £230k ‘solar gain’

Abel Energy solar PV installation at Micropress, Reydon

Abel Energy solar PV installation at Micropress, Reydon - Credit: Archant

REYDON: A printer has reduced its energy costs by between a third and a quarter – by installing a £230,000 photovoltaic solar panel array on the roof of its building.

Micropress in Reydon, near Southwold, worked with Norfolk-based Abel Energy, which installed 980 solar panels on its 40,000sq ft factory, generating 245kW.

It is expected to recoup its investment in six years.

The initial investment of £230,000 should see an annual return of £40,000, rising with inflation, taking into account reduced import bills and payments from the Government’s Feed In Tariff for electricity generated and returned to the National Grid.

“Printing is an extremely energy-intensive industry, and as such is an ideal candidate for renewable energy installations,” said Chris Abel of Abel Energy.

“Given that Micropress – like many printers – is in possession of a large roof, a photovoltaic installation was an obvious answer to the issue of rising bills and increased awareness of environmental issues in the printing industry.”

The solar panel array takes up almost all of the roof of Micropress’ building. The entire process, from initial survey to completion, took six weeks, with installation accounting for half of that time. Planning permission was not required, as the system came under the category of ‘permitted development’.

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Micropress managing director Mike Cross said: “Like many printers, we are always looking to enhance our green credentials, as well as reduce our reliance on imported energy, the costs of which are rising much faster than inflation.

“Not are we generating a proportion of the energy we use, but we are also receiving cash from the Government in the form of the Feed In Tariff, which is guaranteed for 20 years, and will rise in line with inflation.

“We are likely to recoup our investment by the end of year six – after that it is all return. Given how hassle free Abel Energy made the whole process, it wasn’t a difficult decision to take.”