Seawick holiday park, St Osyth, given green light for biomass facility

Seawick Holiday Park

Seawick Holiday Park

A holiday park in north east Essex has been given approval to install a new biomass facility to create energy for the site.

Seawick in Beach Road, St Osyth, made the application to Tendring District Council (TDC) which has now been agreed, it was announced yesterday.

The project aims to create energy from wooden pellets, which will be delivered to the park.

The structure will be 6.6 metres high – which will be needed for the flue required to vent gases from the boiler – and will be made out of steel with cladding and painted to match the surroundings.

A spokesman for the district council said: “There was no objection to the scheme from St Osyth Parish Council and it was considered acceptable in terms of design, scale, impact and use.

“The development encourages the use of a sustainable method of energy generation and will help to save fuel.”