Social media event at Ipswich local business meetup group

SIMS - Max Shelley and Sam Parnell

SIMS - Max Shelley and Sam Parnell - Credit: Archant

Ask the experts and become better at social media!

SIMS at UCS in April 2016

SIMS at UCS in April 2016 - Credit: Archant

Ipswich-based Digital Marketing ‘meetup’ group S​IM​S​ is teaming up with five social media experts tohost an ‘Ask the Experts’ panel of advice and tips for local people in business.

SIMS is a monthly get together for small businesses that aims to teach them digital marketing skills, and this month they’re doing something a little different.

There will be a Q&A panel with five local social media experts at the event on the June 28 in Ipswich.

The guests are Kim Morrison from Morrison Social Media, Max Shelley from Measured Brilliance, Sam Brook from Suffolk Social Media and Caron Peirson and Angel Rubia from Arcape International.

These five social media experts from all around Suffolk will be there to answer any questions about social media. This month’s SIMS will be the perfect event for small businesses who are looking to crack the enigma of social media.

The Q&A session will give the SIMS audience a chance to ask social media experts for free advice and guidance.

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They will cover a range of social media platforms including Facebook,

Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat.

Whether they are beginners in social media or looking for better ways to promote their existing social media pages, this meetup is perfect for SMEs. June’s SIMS will be the best place to answer business­related questions

about social media and SEO, say the organisers.

SIMS focuses on what makes Suffolk great? its local, independent businesses. SIMS offers a free monthly meetup where local businesses, individuals, students and digital

enthusiasts can meet to learn how to work more effectively online.

The group meets on the last Tuesday of every month, with guest speakers from different industries invited to talk about experiences in their field.

The idea was founded by Max Shelley and Sam Parnell, a brother and sister team who wanted to find a way of helping Suffolk businesses to thrive in an ever­ increasingly digitised world.

Sam Parnell, co­-founder of SIMS said: “Over the last two years, we have been working hard to increase our audience at SIMS and to help local business owners to take control over their online marketing. We often have over 60 attendees and continue to grow our numbers with help from our amazing sponsors ­ The Beatons Group, UCS, The Atrium Studios and Ipswich Borough Council.”

Everyone is welcome at SIMS, whether you are a business owner or a digital enthusiast.

This month’s event will be held in the UCS Waterfront Building on June 28.

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