Making the case for airport passenger growth

Ken O'Toole, ceo of London Stansted Airport

Ken O'Toole, ceo of London Stansted Airport - Credit: Archant

Stansted Airport has a vital role to play in delivering economic growth for London and the region, says Ken O’Toole, ceo of the airport.

Speaking at the London First Infrastructure Summit 2018, Mr O’Toole updated the audience of industry experts on the £600m investment programme underway at the aiport and how that investment will enable the airport to deliver as much as 50% of London’s total expected passenger growth over the next decade.

In addition, he outlined how, if the airport’s current planning application to serve 43 million passengers a year is approved, it will not only grant London Stansted a licence to grow but will also give the green light to continued economic growth for London and the East of England.

Mr O’Toole called on Government to match the airport’s growth ambitions with swift and supportive action including delivering an aviation strategy that sets out a clear plan for maximising the potential of the UK airports most capable of driving economic growth.

He said: “Having delivered a 9% year-on-year increase in passengers during Summer 2018, London Stansted is the fastest growing London airport, with a host of new long-haul route launches and airlines complementing the continued growth of our short-haul network.

“This growth is set to continue for Stansted and we are forecast to deliver as much as 50% of London’s total expected passenger growth over the next decade.

“London has never been in greater need of a vibrant aviation industry and as we look to the future we need to ensure we have the connectivity to trade globally, attract overseas investment and encourage tourists to our shores. We need to make best use of available airport capacity now to make this happen.

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“Stansted is the London airport with most available capacity today and is critical to London’s continued success. Our carriers are bullish about their future. London and the East of England will remain buoyant, and in order to keep stimulating growth for the airport and wider economy, we are transforming our facilities through our £600 million investment programme.

“It’s vital for the UK economy, and London, that this country has the best possible aviation connections and there is an urgent need to actively support airports, like London Stansted, that can deliver that access now.”

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