Stansted Airport has joint-worst drop-off fees in the UK

Stansted Airport. Picture: Will Durrant

Stansted Airport has been revealed to have the joint worst drop-off fees in the UK - Credit: Will Durrant

Stansted Airport has been revealed to have the worst drop-off fees in the UK.

Holidaymakers have been urged to check drop-off and pick-up charges at airports this summer as recent research reveals they could be stung by high fees and fines.

Stansted and Manchester airports were revealed to be the worst offenders, with drivers facing a minimum charge for entering so-called ‘kiss and fly’ zones – with a cost of £25 for overstaying.

Stanstead Airport: Emirates to return

There is a £25 cost for overstaying in a 'kiss and fly' zone at Stansted Airport - Credit: Google Maps

At Manchester Airport, set-downs and collections cost £5 for five minutes, or £25 for anyone who stays more than 10 minutes, while Stansted in Essex sees a charge of £7 for 15 minutes, and £25 after that.

Gatwick and Luton charge £5 for a 10 minute wait, with an additional £1 per minute up to 20 minutes at Gatwick and £1 per minute after 10 minutes at Luton.

Bristol Airport costs £5 for 10 minutes and up to £20 for 60 minutes, while Birmingham Airport can see fines of up to £100 for rule breakers.

At the other end of the scale, Jersey allows free drop-off and pick-up, while Inverness and Cardiff are free for 10 minutes. Belfast charges £1 for 10 minutes, while it costs £3 for 30 minutes in Norwich.

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Lee Puffett, managing director of travel insurer Start Travel, which conducted the research, said: “With travel expenses rising rapidly, travellers are looking for ways to save money.

“Some airports are profiting from poor travel planning, so don’t be caught out with costly drop-off and pick-up fees.

“Be sure to research your airport carefully before you set off – often there are free ways to drop passengers at the airport. Saving money requires a little forward planning.”