Start up business and professional declutterers Grand Organisers hope to bring order to people’s lives

Bedroom before Grand Organisers got to work

Bedroom before Grand Organisers got to work - Credit: Archant

A Suffolk woman behind a company that hopes to brings order to people’s lives believes there is a huge untapped potential for her personal organising and decluttering business.

Bedroom after Grand Organisers have tidied up

Bedroom after Grand Organisers have tidied up - Credit: Archant

Nina Grand from Bury St Edmunds launched Grand Organisers in March and already reports impressive demand for her services.

The company offers a variety of services, such as kitchen tidying, wardrobe reductions, garden shed clear-outs and office tidying - all aimed at helping people reduce the clutter in their living and working environments.

“Professional organising is huge business in America, Australia and the United Arab Emirate countries and is growing at a fast rate in the UK,” said Ms Grand, who is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.

“In the modern world today, more and more people are short on time and have multiple commitments which limit them to have the time to sort things out or to implement organised household systems to help matters run more smoothly.

Nina Grand, founder of Grand Organisers

Nina Grand, founder of Grand Organisers - Credit: Archant

“Small businesses often cannot afford to employ staff to help them with the most basic or tasks for the business - employing a PO to implement paperwork and filing systems, for example, can be a huge benefit to a small business owner, saving the expense of hiring staff to do basic, simple administration.”

Mrs Grand who has worked as a senior administrator for 25 years prior to starting this new venture, the last 12 as an examinations officer, attended a Start Right course run by MENTA to help her get her business off to the ground.

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She added: “I am passionate about what I do. I understand the fundamental benefits of living and working in an organised environment. Diorganisation creates disharmony and frustration. I see this with every client I meet.

“I want to let people know about the benefits of my services and I want to get the word out to the people of Suffolk to let them know there are professional organisers they can call on to help with a whole manner of services for the home or office.”