Stowmarket-based Bosch Lawn & Garden hails record year for mower sales

Andreas Andorfer at Bosch Lawn & Garden in Stowmarket.

Andreas Andorfer at Bosch Lawn & Garden in Stowmarket. - Credit: Archant

Bosch Lawn & Garden is celebrating a record year for lawnmower sales, which has enabled it to breach the 100million euro turnover barrier.

Mild weather is thought to have contributed to a late surge in sales, together with the launch of a number of new models which have been well-received by customers.

Andreas Andorfer, managing director of Bosch Lawn & Garden said: “ As a local employer with manufacturing plant, we are pleased to have great news on the lawnmower front – we have been able to breach the 100million euro turnover.”

“October saw sales sky rocket by beating the previous year’s October by over 40% turnover, which means that we have had our most successful year for lawnmowers ever.

“In addition, our new models are achieving four and five star average ratings and are very well received by customer’s across Europe.”

Bosch Lawn & Garden, a member of the EADT/EDP Top100 listing of the 100 largest companies in Suffolk and Norfok, is based in Stowmarket and is the horticultural products arm of the Germany-based Bosch group which in June this year announced an 8.4% increase in annual UK sales to a total of £1.8billion.

The group is a major supplier of components to the automotive sector, which accounts for around two-thirds of its global turnover which last year totalled around 46.1bn euros.

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It also supplies the industrial and energy sectors but is probably best known in the UK for its range of consumer products, including household appliances as well as garden equipment.

Among Bosch Lawn & Garden’s latest new products is the Indego robotic lawnmower which is able to “learn” the shape of a lawn and calculate the most efficient route, making it 30% quicker than rival devices which typically follow a random path.

The Indego unit contains 13 different sensors, of which Bosch is also major manufacturer and which it expects to feature increasingly in its range of procuts, from the remote control of domestic appliances to automated driving.

Mr Andorfer said that, with a new “Gen4” lawnmower platform being introduced in the UK in 2015, the Stowmarket team was looking forward to continuing its winning streak. “We will continue to concentrate on engineering and further develop and enhance our product range, especially in the cordless sector,” he added.