Submerged sheep rescued from East Anglian river

A SHEEP was returned to her flock after being rescued from the River Yare by the RSPCA and firefighters.

The animal was tangled in some weed on the river bank by Robson Road in West Earlham on Monday March 26.

Her body was completely submerged apart from her head.

But when a passer-by saw the sheep’s head bobbing in the water, they called the RSPCA.

Inspector Jason Finch attended and waded into the water to rescue her.

But her coat was completely water-logged, doubling her weight and making her too heavy for the inspector to pull out.

She had been struggling to get out but had given up.

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He called the fire service who helped to drag the animal out of the water using a rope.

Inspector Finch thanked the fire service for their support.

He said: “This poor girl would have died from exhaustion and exposure had we not got her out when we did. The water is freezing and she was shaking violently. I am just really pleased to have been able to rescue her.”