Suffolk Business Awards 2022: Education in Business Award

Eve Flynn (left) and Michelle Cross from Stow Healthcare, winners of the Education in Business Award in 2021

Eve Flynn (left) and Michelle Cross from Stow Healthcare, winners of the Education in Business Award at the Suffolk Business Awards 2021 - Credit: Matt Potter

The Suffolk Business Awards 2022 are now open for entries, and the Education in Business Award is open to any business, big or small, that has a passion for developing its people. 
The judges will be looking for businesses that seeks to grow the skills of their employees or potential employees. 
Is your business putting in place opportunities for your team members to learn and move on to greater challenges in future? 
Are you preparing for the next generation of leaders and senior team members, allowing currently more junior employees the opportunity to learn and grow? 
Is your business looking to develop the wider workforce to benefit the business community here as a whole? 
The judges will be looking for evidence of a clear and defined strategy for employee learning and growth, rather than matters being handled in an ad hoc way. 
They will want to see a clear vision of what the learning opportunities will look like and the reasoning behind it. 
And they will want to see a commitment to building and sharing skills across the organisation and not just within departments or silos. 
There will need to be evidence of clear leadership from management and detail of investment in education. 
With the experiences during the time of the pandemic and the new ways of working that it has engendered, there is a greater need than ever for good learning opportunities in the workplace. 
Many people need to refocus or become more resilient, and many need to learn new skills to succeed better in the new ways of working. 
This awards category seeks entries from businesses that have done these things and succeeded with them. 
This is an opportunity for firms to be recognised for the way you develop your people within the wider business community in Suffolk.

To enter the Education in Business Award, visit the Suffolk Business Awards website.