Suffolk Business Awards: Customer Excellence Award

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Is yours a five-star business? We're looking for the companies that know how to do more than just look after their customers - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Do your customers go away not just happy but delighted? Can your team solve problems before they even occur? Is your name the first one on everyone's lips when they're asked for a recommendation? Then make sure everyone knows that - by entering the Suffolk Business Awards

A clear focus and understanding of customers’ needs is at the heart of the Customer Excellence Award, says judge Jonathan Denby, head of corporate affairs at Greater Anglia. 

“An effective customer service strategy and the excellence of employees, delivering great service, day in, day out, is an attribute that marks out the best businesses,” said Mr Denby, who will co-judge the award. “It enables companies to attract customers and retain them, thereby enabling the business to grow and succeed.  

Jonathan Denby, head of corporate affairs at Greater Anglia

Jonathan Denby, head of corporate affairs at Greater Anglia - Credit: Archant

“It’s these attributes that will mark out the best companies in this year’s Customer Excellence Award.” Mr Denby and fellow judges will be looking for evidence of customer-driven initiatives designed to raise service standards and increase customer satisfaction.

“Every business that succeeds does so by winning, keeping and satisfying its customers,” he said. “Only by really understanding their needs can you effectively attract, retain and satisfy them.” 

The winner of this award will be a business that is able to demonstrate how they exemplify outstanding customer service, consistently delivered at the highest level, by a customer-focused individual or team. 

“These awards enable businesses to show how they are consistently doing their best for customers and seeking to continuously improve their performance,” said Mr Denby. “From product development to service delivery to the handling of service problems, every aspect of the customer experience drives customer loyalty and better commercial performance, so it’s a chance to illustrate the effectiveness of your overall customer service strategy.” 

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And for the business which wins the award, Mr Denby says it provides a high-profile, independent endorsement of your customer service strategy and approach through a well-respected awards scheme.  

“Such recognition can only reinforce and build your business’ reputation and potentially underpin even greater success in the future,” he said. “Previous winners have gone on to strengthen their business performance and enhance their role in the communities that they serve.”

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Meet the sponsor

Greater Anglia is proud to be sponsoring the Customer Excellence Award ward in this year’s Suffolk Business Awards. We’re passionate about delivering excellent customer service and ensuring that the railways play their full part in helping our region to be both economically prosperous and a wonderful place to live. 
We are therefore committed to consistently raising customer service standards. We now have a complete fleet of brand new trains, operating on all our Suffolk routes, transforming the travelling environment on all of our routes, providing more comfortable journeys, increasing seating capacity and improving reliability, as part of a £1.4 billion investment programme.

Greater Anglia has a complete fleet of brand new trains operating on all its Suffolk routes Pictur

Greater Anglia has a complete fleet of brand new trains operating on all its Suffolk routes - Credit: Greater Anglia