Suffolk Business Awards: CMG Technologies win Innovation in Business award

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The whole team is proud to be recognised as true innovators, says CMG Technologies Managing Director Rachel Garrett - Credit: CMG Technologies

Pushing the boundaries of an established manufacturing method and taking a radical approach to working saw CMG Technologies win the Innovation in Business award, sponsored by University of Suffolk, in the Suffolk Business Awards.  

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University of Suffolk sponsors the Innovation in Business award - Credit: Archant

The process of forming components with metal injection moulding (MIM) has been around for the better part of half a century, yet Suffolk’s CNG Technologies is still developing it with such freshness that it secured the Innovation in Business award, sponsored by University of Suffolk, at the Suffolk Business Awards. 

“We could not have won without the fantastic commitment shown by our team,” says MD Rachel Garrett. “During what has been a difficult year for everyone, our staff have stood up, stayed together and delivered vital work for our clients, while contributing to the national push to manufacture parts for life-saving ventilators. 

“Innovation is in CMG’s nature," she says. “We produce revolutionary components using the MIM process, giving them a level of intricacy that takes products to new heights. These parts can be tiny, but it is the difference they make that makes them truly innovative.”   

The firm’s innovation extends not only to what it produces but also how it operates. “We also seek to be inventive in the way we work as a company,” Rachel explains. “By adopting a four-day working week to protect our team’s wellbeing and adapting our processes to remain in operation during three national lockdowns, we are proud of the initiative we have shown in recent years. 

“The team is delighted and we are very proud of one another,” she adds. “We have always enjoyed the work we do but to be recognised as true innovators is particularly rewarding. 

"We maintain great relationships with our suppliers and customers, and we have received a few messages of congratulations from them. They are proud to work with an award-winning company,” she concludes. “We owe a lot of our success to them and we are proud to be a part of some fantastic supply chains.” 

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Rachel believes that entering the awards gave a chance to take stock of how far CMG Technologies has come. “It cemented the fact that the big steps we have already taken have been in the right direction, towards driving the innovation in our work,” she says. “If we have learned anything from 2020, especially after such a challenging year, it is that we will continue to thrive if we put the health and happiness of our staff, suppliers and customers first.” 

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