Suffolk Business Awards: SME of the Year

SME of the Year is sponsored by Larking Gowen

Small and Medium Enterprises should compete for the title of SME of the Year in the Suffolk Business Awards - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the economy - and their success is important. Recognising this, the SME of the Year is one of the key categories in the Suffolk Business Awards. 

The SME of the Year category is open to businesses with a turnover between £2million and £50million. The winner of this award will be a company that has shown consistent stability in ownership of market share.  

“Having ownership of the market share in a business is important for the growth of 
the business,” explained Graham Mummery, corporate partner at Larking Gowen and co-judge of the award. “If a business is the market leader there are economies of scale, which means that the business can offer products more efficiently, which in turn allows them to capture the market share.” 

Graham Mummery, corporate partner at Larking Gowen Picture: Larking Gowen

Graham Mummery, corporate partner at Larking Gowen - Credit: Sylvaine Poitau/Larking Gowen

The judges will also be looking for evidence of the business’ commitment to purpose, community, employees and customers, as well as development of products and/or service. 

“Commitment to our own workforce and the community is important, not only in attracting new business but also in attracting new people to our business,” said Mr Mummery. “Our employer brand and what we stand for as a business is just as important, if not more so than profits.” 

The pandemic has had a huge impact on our economy and SMEs have a vital contribution to make to the economy of Suffolk and the wider region, which is why it’s so important to recognise the hard work and commitment of SMEs with this award. 

“It’s been a really tough year due to the pandemic and entering these wards recognises the hard work and achievements of you and your employees during this difficult time,” said Mr Mummery. “What a great boost to morale and motivation if you win! “

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Larking Gowan offices, Claydon Business Park. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Larking Gown have offices in Ipswich and across East Anglia - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

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Larking Gowan offices, Claydon Business Park. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Larking Gowan's Ipswich offices, on Claydon Business Park. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

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