Suffolk Chamber backs ‘Business is Good for Britain’ campaign

SUFFOLK Chamber of Commerce has pledged its support for a national campaign to highlight the positive contribution of business to society – and its key role in leading Britain’s economy to future prosperity.

And the chamber’s own theme for 2012 will focus on wellbing in the workplace, with the aim of encouraging businesses across the county to recognise that good health, lower absence levels and reduced stress are good for productivity.

British Chambers of Commerce, of which Suffolk Chamber is part, has adopted “Business is Good for Britain” as its theme for the year.

“We believe that there is a clear need to rebuild confidence among businesses by highlighting the contribution of the UK’s private sector to our local and national well-being.” said Peter Funnell, president of Suffolk Chamber.

“We have the talent, the energy, and the enterprise,” he said. “We need an environment that puts business first. Boosting growth in our businesses will boost the economy and let Suffolk and Britain lead on the national and international stage.

“In the face of economic concerns, and the debt crisis in Europe, businesses across Suffolk, large and small, are busting a gut to find new markets and grow their firms,” said Dr Funnell.

“That is why we all have to recognise that business is a force for good. It is at the centre of the economy, and it is only business that can create recovery and deliver all the good things we want, like education, healthcare and pensions.”

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However, he warned that ensuring the right environment for business growth included the need for the right infrastructure, as reflected in the the survey on the future of the A14 launched by Suffolk Chamber in partnership with the East Anglian Daily Times shortly before Christmas.

“Having the right infrastructure for example is vital to business,” he said. “The great response so far to our online survey on the A14 shows a real strength of feeling.

“2012 could provide the tipping point for our economy; not just because the next year is the nadir of a crisis but because it provides an opportunity for lasting change. It could be a new start to an exciting future, the beginning of a renaissance in our fortunes based on enterprise, wealth creation and a new world view,” he added.