Push for 4 day work week in Suffolk after company's profits soar 200%

Rachel Garrett, managing director at CMG Technologies

Rachel Garrett, managing director at CMG Technologies - Credit: Bob Foyers - foyers.photography

A Suffolk company is campaigning for a four-day week after its profit soared since introducing the measure. 

CMG Technologies, a 3D metal moulding factory that made key components for ventilators during the pandemic, was an early pioneer when it introduced the measure in 2015.  

Since then staff sickness has collapsed and retention has only got better said bosses. 

CMG Technologies staff

CMG Technologies staff - Credit: Bob Foyers - foyers.photography

Its turnover has increased by 25% with profit going up by 200% since after it introduced the four day week.

Rachel Garrett, managing director at CMG Technologies, said: "Not all of this growth can be attributed to the change in hours but it has played a substantial role in it.

"Staff are so proactive and motivated and take up extra work. 

"Investments in robotics have also helped."

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This is why the Rendlesham business has backed the 4 Day Week Campaign, a pilot scheme rolled out across the UK. 

It hopes more employers in Suffolk see the opportunity a shorter work week where employees can balance family commitments can bring to companies. 

Ms Garrett said this can only work with the worker's agreement, which CMG got in 2015 when it also did not reduce wages. 

"Everybody says to us I wish my company was like that," she said. "Staff are refreshed and are not constantly working for five days. It's a better work-life balance. 

"When you are working five days you get frazzled and feel run-down and emotionally not great and you take more time off. 

"We just don't have that.

"We are pulling all in the same direction and we don't lose staff. 

Inside CMG Technologies' factory

Inside CMG Technologies' factory - Credit: Bob Foyers - foyers.photography

"We also don't struggle to find staff.

"People say 'let me know when there is a job here. I'd love to work here.'"

CMG has already inspired one of its customers to also take the leap but has not heard of any Suffolk businesses doing the same. 

She added: "It hasn't impacted us hugely and we have managed to achieve more. 

"We haven't looked back and we wouldn't. 

"If you haven't got a good team then you haven't got a good business."

Ms Garrett said if employers are worried about the cost then introducing pay freezes could help, but they should always get the backing of staff no matter which way they go about the four-day week. 

For its efforts, CMG has won the Innovation in Business award at the Suffolk Business Awards and the Wellbeing Award for the East of England at the Federation of Small Businesses Awards.