Suffolk customers' 'despair' at EVRi deliveries after waiting months for parcels

Residents in the Woodbridge area say they have not received EVRi deliveries for months

Residents in the Woodbridge area say they have not received EVRi deliveries for months - Credit: Archant

Customers in a Suffolk town have taken to social media to complain about a delivery firm’s service, saying they have not received parcels "in months".

Posters on the Woodbridge Community Group Facebook page say they have experienced difficulties receiving parcels from EVRi, with some claiming the company had a lack of delivery drivers in the area. 

One customer wrote: “Does anyone know the local EVRi driver or the depot for Woodbridge? 

“For four months now I have not had one parcel delivered and it is really annoying now. I am happy to pick up but no idea where it can be, no human to talk to. 

“Each time I order something online and get an email to say 'EVRi' are the courier I despair as I know I will never get it.” 

Another poster said: “It’s got really bad in the last few months. Contact the seller and they deal with the missing item. Miraculously the driver turns up within 24 hours with parcel.” 

Other customers on the forum said the service had deteriorated since a driver left. 

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One added: “EVRi said they tried three times to deliver to me and no note through the door.  

“Then on last try date given, no one knocked on my door all day, as I was in. 

“A photo of a parcel on a carpet was emailed to me when I asked online, they said it was delivered and a random map with an arrow was also emailed. The arrow was in the middle of the road. 

“I had to become detective by visiting quite a few houses, shops, to match up the carpet photo. Finally found parcel in a shop.” 

EVRi was previously known as Hermes before rebranding earlier this year. 

An EVRi spokesperson said: “We can confirm that there are no ongoing delivery issues in the area.

“The individual who wrote the social post supplied has already been in touch with us and we are helping her with her enquiry. We ask that anyone experiencing delivery issues contact their retailer in the first instance who will contact us if necessary.”