Suffolk: Cutting edge technology now at Kesgrave Hall

Kesgrave Hall now benefits from better broadband and a new telephony system

Kesgrave Hall now benefits from better broadband and a new telephony system - Credit: Archant

In its bid to be among the finest hotels in the UK, milsoms Kesgrave Hall has installed state of the art technology including the best commercially available broadband and a hands-free telephone system with conference capability

The exciting initiative has come about through a partnership with Cisco, a global leader in network and communications technology, which has a presence at Adastral Park.

General Manager at Kesgrave Hall Oliver Richard takes up the story.

“BT and Cisco are regular customers at Kesgrave Hall and discussions started some time ago about working together to install this very exciting technology at the hotel for use by all our guests, business and leisure.

“What we have from Cisco is the most advanced wi-fi routers around the property. The install took 8-10 weeks and the equipment came straight from the States as there is nothing like this anywhere else in the UK, so we are very proud and privileged to be the first to offer it to our guests.”

There are three key elements to the system – broadband, wi-fi and telephony.

The broadband offers download and upload speeds which are typically four and six times faster than the average domestic service respectively. In addition, the Ping speed, or the time it takes any devise to connect to the wi-fi is a remarkable17 milliseconds.

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“When Cisco came to stay with us, even they said it was amazing,” said Oliver.

“The important thing about the broadband is that it is clean, which means it is never diluted in relation to how many people are using it. So whether there is one person connected or 100 people using it, the speeds are the same and we ensure that the service is free to guests and is available throughout the hotel and grounds – even onto the lawn!

“So we can have a terrace full of people using their smart phones and tablets as well as business users with no impact on the service.”

The new telephone system is also cutting edge and involves Power of Ethernet (POE) handsets with integral colour touch screens and hands-free capability.

Each can be used as a conference phone and video conferencing will soon be available on every phone in the hotel, in both meeting rooms and bedrooms.

Video conferencing will also be available on the 50 inch plasma screens in the meeting rooms and as the system is VOIP (voice over internet protocol) the service is again free.

“Now the system is in we know we have the most up to date and cutting edge system anywhere in the UK,” said Oliver, “and we will evolve with it as it continues to develop and improve. Working with Cisco has been an inspiration and we are delighted to work in partnership with them.

“The reason for doing it is two fold. Most importantly at Milsom Hotels and Restaurants we like to lead the way in everything we do, from the service to the food and the hotel rooms, even down to the beautiful grounds here; offering the best is very important. Here we had an opportunity to install the very best technology and pass that onto our guests and that is a perfect fit with our philosophy.

“And of course it will stimulate business for us with both corporate and leisure guests, and that will help our continued growth and development.”