More funding needed to complete extension work at Suffolk dog rescue centre

Doberman Nutmeg

Doberman Nutmeg is looking for a foster home - Credit: Canine Welfare Rescue Centre

Work has begun to build five extra kennels for dogs at a Suffolk rescue centre - but more donations are needed to continue the project. 

The Canine Welfare Rescue Centre, in Glevering, near Wickham Market, has been taking in dogs for more than 30 years. 

But following a stream of dogs with both medical and behavioural issues recently, the centre needs to expand. 

The base for the new kennels has been laid, but more donations are now required to complete the work - with Covid-19 severely hampering any fundraising efforts. 

Work to build five more kennels has begun.

Work to build five more kennels has begun. - Credit: Canine Welfare Rescue Centre

Jane Lee, of the Canine Welfare Rescue Centre, said: "We are self-funded and continuously try to raise money to continue the work that we love doing.

"Covid has had a major impact on our ability to fundraise at the level that we need to.

"This year we have begun work on building five extra kennels specifically for our rescue dogs to enable us to continue our work.  

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"The base has now been laid by Nathan Howard and his team who have donated some materials and volunteered their time for which we are very grateful for.  

"However, to continue the project we are again in need of an influx of funds from our supporters."

French bulldog Destiny is looking for a new home

French bulldog Destiny is looking for a new home - Credit: Canine Welfare Rescue Centre

Among the dogs seeking homes is Destiny who came to the centre after an altercation with another dog in the home. 

Shortly after arriving, it became clear that Destiny had some issues with her back legs, and was subsequently diagnosed with slipping patella in both legs. 

She also required surgery due to problems with her breathing. French Bulldogs commonly have breathing problems due to their short noses and compacted structure of their skull, which leads to obstructions caused by the soft tissue. 

Destiny had the first of three BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) surgery this week, and her breathing is already greatly improved. 

In total, it is expected that the three operations will cost more than £3,000.

A table top sale, with refreshments and cake, is being held at the kennels on Sunday, March 6 from 11am to 3pm to raise funds for Destiny. 

Collie Barney is looking for a new home

Collie Barney is looking for a new home - Credit: Canine Welfare Rescue Centre

Another pet looking for a home is 17-month-old collie Barney, who came to the rescue centre at the weekend. 

According to the Canine Welfare, he is a "classic example" of how the pandemic has impacted on dogs' behaviour. 

With the lockdown restrictions, dog owners have not been socialise their pets and the centre says it has seen a number of dogs who seem to be guarding their homes and not allowing visitors. 

It is likely Barney will need a quiet home with few visitors to thrive, the centre added. 

Doberman Nutmeg is a loving and affectionate girl who came back to the rescue centre when she became anxious after family circumstances changed. 

Nutmeg, who is around six years old, will require a foster home following the news she was diagnosed with a spinal tumour. 

Minnie is an elderly westie who is looking for a forever home after her owner could no longer care for her. 

She came to the centre in a poor state but is now in much better health. 

For more information on Canine Welfare, visit the centre's website here