Suffolk firm behind hit product on BBC’s The Apprentice

A SUFFOLK entrepreneur has seen business rocket after his unique baby sleeping suit broke sales records on the BBC show The Apprentice.

Chris Ebejer, 44, from Long Melford, was amazed as his Babyglow product, which changes colour if a baby gets too hot, was a hit on the programme.

Mr Ebejer, landlord of the Melford Inn in the village, said: “I am delighted.

“It was fantastic to get our product on the show.”

Having spent six years and �700,000 developing the product, Mr Ebejer said he was thrilled his suits won record orders on the show, including one for 10,000 units from online retailer Kiddicare.

An avid fan of the BBC1 television series, Mr Ebejer watched the show with his wife at home on Wednesday night and was delighted with buyers’ responses.

“I was on tenterhooks,” Mr Ebejer said. “It was my invention and I’m pleased to see it make such outstanding sales. We always watch The Apprentice because it teaches you a lot of business commonsense.”

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The couple kept their big break under wraps ahead of the programme being aired.

Until they watched the show, they had no idea what the sales had been.

Mr Ebejer’s wife Jane, 45, delivered her pitch to both teams in the show. They were wowed by the suits and sleep wear and fought to sell the popular products.

Having chosen Apollo to represent them, Mrs Ebejer said she was delighted the team did so well, gathering a record �122,000 of sales on the show, winning them the task.

“Lisa did a very good job,” she said. “I would like to see her do well.”

Melissa Cohen, former project manager for team Synergy, was fired by Sir Alan having lost this week’s task.

The Suffolk couple have been flooded with calls and emails since the product caused such a stir on the show.

The Babyglow website received 30,000 hits between 9pm and 11.30pm alone on Tuesday night.

“It just doesn’t seem real,” Mrs Ebejer said. “It was a fantastic opportunity.

“It is unbelievable, really.”

Despite their television success, the couple plan to keep running the pub in the village – for the time being at least.

“There is such a nice community around here,” she said.

“We have got some lovely customers and we want to do our best for them because they have supported us.”