Suffolk shipping firms begin to feel impacts of Putin's invasion of Ukraine

The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is being felt by Suffolk shipping companies.

The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is starting to be felt by Suffolk shipping companies. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

A large Suffolk-based international shipping company is starting to feel the effects of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

A spokesman for the firm, which this newspaper has agreed not to name, said it was already seeing some impacts and expects more to become apparent over the coming days.

Major trade lanes – such as between Europe and China – have seen little impact, but the spokesman believed they would see more in the future.

Some shorter shipping lanes, such as those around the Baltic Sea, have been suspended, however.

This is due to ports being closed or the waters being deemed too dangerous for commercial vessels.

Some Russian clients have also been unable to pay due to western sanctions, the spokesman said.

Airfreight has also been disrupted by the conflict.

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The employee said firms were currently trying to understand who controlled the airspace around Ukraine, which they referred to as currently being a "no-go zone".

However, a spokesman for Associated British Ports said the current situation in Ukraine, which produces around 10% of the world's wheat, had not impacted activity at the Ports of Lowestoft or Ipswich.