Suffolk folk still love traditional fry-ups - survey reveals

SUFFOLK is officially a county of fry-up loving breakfasters, according to the results of a survey carried out during the Farmhouse Breakfast campaign.

The recent poll, which was commissioned by Rendlesham-based food maker Stokes Sauces, revealed that 84% of Suffolk residents would pick a traditional fry up over a cold continental breakfast.

Surprisingly, the research also demonstrated that only 4% of Suffolk residents skip breakfast on a regular basis compared to the national average of 16%.

And when it comes to the gender divide, 68% of women eat breakfast every day, compared to 52% of men.

Rick Sheepshanks, managing director of Stokes Sauces, said: “It seems Suffolk’s breakfast habits reflect their laidback approach to life. Whereas city slickers are more likely to grab a small breakfast on the run, Suffolk residents – given the choice – enjoy a delicious home cooked breakfast around the kitchen table.

“Previous research conducted by Farmhouse Breakfast Week, suggests that breakfast eaters are both healthier and happier than those who skip breakfast and our research may help to explain why residents in this county have such a tremendous quality of life.’

The most significant question for Stokes was which sauce Suffolk residents prefer drizzled over their breakfast.

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“Tomato Ketchup came out as the accompaniment of choice for a fried breakfast with an astounding 60.7% of the vote which is great news for us,” said Mr Sheepshanks.

Karen Levy from HGCA, organisers of Farmhouse Breakfast Week, said: “We are delighted by the amount of backing we have had from hundreds of supporters nationwide, such as Stokes Sauces.

“Everyone got on board to help celebrate the most important meal of the day whilst highlighting that breakfast offers huge benefits to health and wellbeing – it’s been very encouraging.”