Seaweed farm proposed off coast of Walberswick

Walberswick beach.

A seaweed farm could be built a kilometre away from Walberswick beach. - Credit: Archant

A seaweed farm could be built approximately a kilometre off the coast of Walberswick.

It would cover an area of approximately 200m x 600m and would farm seaweed from ropes and growing structures suspended in the water.

The seaweed would be grown one metre under the surface on up to 20 lines, each approximately 100m in length.

It is predicted the seaweed would grow to a maximum length of 2m, giving 5-7m clearance under the growing array so as not to impede any fish or seabed flora and fauna.

The type of seaweed that is likely to be grown is Alaria esculenta and Saccharina latissima, both of which are native to the UK and are found at locations further along the east coast. 

An ongoing consultation for the application will end on February 4.

To find out more or comment on the matter visit and search for 'MLA/2021/00154'.