Suffolk Show 2019: Military Zone shows off Army’s best hardware

The Suffolk Show 2019 is much more than an agricultural competition - the military also turn out in force to meet the public.

An Apache Helicopter takes centre stage in the zone, with a Typhoon jet flight simulator on hand to give people a glimpse into how it feels to be in the cockpit of a military aircraft.

Troops and staff from the Royal British Legion, the Royal Air force Association, the Army Air Corps Regiment and the Army Reserves turned out to represent the brave men and women that protect the country.

Royal Anglian Regiment Staff Sargeant Jimmy Jones was talking to the crowds and showing them what weapons his unit is trained to use.

He said: "It's good for people to see where their taxes are being spent. This kind of event is as much about engaging with the public as it is about recruitment.

"It goes a long way to showing the umber of different roles in the armed forces and really drives home that we are one Army."