Suffolk: Spring offers springboard for careers in creative sector

THE search is on for up and coming creative professionals to join a unique event which could help shape their future

Suffolk-based creative agency Spring is hosting an evening of debate, creativity and introductions for graphic design or communications students in the final year of their degree.

Those who attend will meet some of the UK design communication industry’s most talented players, and have the opportunity to share their ideas, get advice on their portfolios and tips on breaking into the agency world.

Erika Clegg, founder of Spring, said: “At the heart of the evening will be GradPitch2012, where the graduate creators of great ideas will have the opportunity to develop them, agency style. They’ll be advised by agency planners, creative directors and client marketing directors about how to make a really great idea fly.”

Everyone will be given just five minutes each to sell their idea to the assembled industry luminaries and each other, and the winner, by show of hands will take away some fantastic prizes.

“There’ll be hot food, cold drink and, more importantly, a future-changing chance for everyone to meet and pick the brains of potential employers, mentors and referees,” said Erika.

The event takes place on July 6 in Southwold. Place are strictly limited and to secure an invitation Spring would like you to show them, in the most attention grabbing and effective way possible, how you’d change the design communications world.

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So, what’s your thought that’ll make everyone in the creative industry sit up and pay attention? And how will you communicate it?

“We’re living in a transmedia world, so we want to see ideas that can carry across a range of channels,” said Erika. “Apart from that, there is no brief, no rights, no wrongs – surprise us.”

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