Suffolk/UK: Deadline approaches for Catchment Sensitive Farming capital grant applications

Catchment Sensitive Farming grants are available

Catchment Sensitive Farming grants are available - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

Suffolk farmers are being urged to make applications to the Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Capital Grant Scheme before the closing date of April 30.

It is expected that there will be £15.5million available across England and around half of Suffolk falls within a Capital Grant Scheme Target Area, say land agents Savills. who point out this is “good news” for farmers in the county. Robert Scott of Savills’ Ipswich office said: “This could well be the last year that CSF is around, so I would urge farmers to seriously consider an application.”

The maximum grant per holding is £10,000.

There is no minimum limit. Payment for capital items is on the basis of 50% of the actual cost of agreed capital works. Farmers can use their own labour and there is no requirement to obtain quotes before submitting a grant application.

“It is estimated that nine out of 10 applications that were completed correctly last year received a grant, irrespective of whether their farm was in a grant target area,” said Mr Scott.

The types of items that applications are being made for locally include covering of sprayer filling areas, slurry areas, bio-beds and rain water harvesting systems for yards and roofs.