Support for training apprentices by East Anglian firm

Some of the Aston Shaw apprentices

Some of the Aston Shaw apprentices - Credit: Archant

Recruitment pledge by accountancy firm

Aston Shaw, the accountancy firm based in East Anglia has enjoyed significant growth last year taking on 17 apprentices across all five offices. including the Masterlord office village, Ipswich

In 2014, the firm commenced an apprentice recruitment drive which propelled total staff numbers to more than 90 employees.

Mark Noakes, director, said: “At Aston Shaw we are confident in our approach and believe that nurturing young talent is beneficial to both the firm and the apprentice. We are able to mould highly driven young individuals to adopt the working methods and ethos we want and in turn, they get qualifications and invaluable experience.

“Each apprentice is allocated a mentor to work alongside on a on a day to day basis. This promotes the filter down of skills, expertise and experience as well as ensuring that the apprentice’s work is closely monitored. The vigilant training and support procedures in place really help to build a strong team, within which the apprentice is fully integrated”.

Nicola Crocker, 20. said “I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to others. It is a great way to gain experience and earn money whilst learning. Nowadays, it seems experience is worth the same if not more than a qualification – the apprenticeship scheme provides the best of both worlds.

Apprenticeships can prove to be highly beneficial to businesses, with Government funding available to those who take them on. For the apprentices, it is reported by Matthew Hancock, Minister of State for business and enterprise that apprentices who study on an advanced level course earn approx. £147,000 more over their lifetime than those who don’t.

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In 2015, Aston Shaw have pledged to take on another ten apprentices. A spokesman said the firm is passionate about creating jobs and giving local young people chances they might not necessarily find without leaving East Anglia.