Swarm Apprenticeships is searching for young enterprise heroes

Robert Ashton, the BarefootEntrepreneur, and founder of Swarm Apprentices

Robert Ashton, the BarefootEntrepreneur, and founder of Swarm Apprentices - Credit: Archant

Searching for the next generation of entrepreneurs in Ipswich

Swarm Apprentices at a meeting

Swarm Apprentices at a meeting - Credit: Archant

Swarm Apprenticeships Ltd are bringing their quest to Ipswich to find and support the one in a hundred young people that have that elusive entrepreneurial spark.

Already established in Norfolk, Swarm uses enterprise training to connect young people with attitude to businesses with aspiration.

“These young people too often go unnoticed,” said Robert Ashton, Swarm’s founder.

“University doesn’t appeal and nor does a trade apprenticeship. They often go to, and then drop out of, college and find themselves a job. We liberate them from obscurity and unlock their potential; they’re capable of much more.” he added.

Robert Ashton is a businessman, business mentor and author of best-selling books, and is often known as the Barefoot Entrepreneur.

Swarm are partnering with the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce) and some of their local Fellows who are planning to act as mentors to the young people the quest identifies.

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“We ignore the potential of these bright young people at our peril,” said Peter Clitheroe, RSA Fellowship Councillor for the East of England. “Swarm will open new doors for them, local employers and local RSA Fellows; creating opportunities to use their undeniable potential to build careers, businesses and the local economy.”

Swarm launch their Ipswich quest at the UCS Waterfront Building, on Tuesday March 8.

This free event runs from 4.30pm to 7pm and could be your opportunity to employ the one in a hundred, added Robert.

For more information and to book your free place, www.questforenterpriseheroes.eventbrite.com

More information:

• Robert Ashton, Swarm Apprenticeships 01953 609752

• www.swarmapprentice.org.uk

• www.thersa.org