A week in business: VR gaming as pain relief, an electric car charger invented in a barn, and a glimpse into the world of hoarders and prison officers

Orbital Media

Orbital Media - Credit: Oribital Media

We look back at some of the business highlights of the week

You may not have heard of Orbital Media yet, but they have big plans for the future. This is a tech company based in Stowmarket that’s at the cutting edge of research into virtual reality, gamification and artificial intelligence. They have a social conscience too, as most of the fascinating research they’re doing with the University of Suffolk and the University of Essex is for our healthcare industry. Read their story here.

What is it about Stowmarket lately? Here’s another futuristic company based in this small but by no means sleepy Suffolk town, this time doing groundbreaking work in the field of electric vehicle charging. Charlie Jardine invented his remarkable charger in his grandfather’s barn, and now, he runs a company, EO Charging, that’s just got £13m of investment cash. Read his story here.

The term ‘hoarder’ is now been characterised as a medical disorder, but its still very little understood. The social enterprise Lofty Heights kindly introduced us to Lucy, a Suffolk-based hoarder they have been helping to clean up her home. Lucy has been living in her extremely cluttered three bedroom house with her cats and puppy, caged in by mounds of black binliners of rubbish. She was buying new clothes and pet beds as soon as the new ones became dirty. But thanks to Lofty Heights, this story has a happy ending. Read Lucy’s story here.

We’re not sure if its the influence of the popular Netflix show Orange is the New Black, but there are now more double the number of young female graduates applying to the prison officers training programme at the University of Suffolk, Unlocked Graduates, than male graduates. We explore why educated young women are wanting to join the prison service at a time when the UK’s jails are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Read about Unlocked Graduates here

Did you know that there are more men called Dave who are chief executives than there are women chief execs in the FTSE 100? We think that’s a real shame, and spoke to the lovely Jules Shorrock, who is managing director of Citrus Security Shredding, to find out how she is inspiring young girls to aim for the top. Read her story here.

Finally, for golf enthusiasts, the Ryder Cup is upon us - but did you know that an Ipswich-based company supplied the equipment that’s making the green look so trim and lush? Read the whole story here.

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