Owner on 'sad' decision to close popular restaurant

Well established resturant The Table in Woodbridge is closing Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Vernon Blackmore from The Table has spoken about the future of the restaurant's future - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

The owner of Woodbridge's popular restaurant The Table has spoken of his sadness at his decision to close the venue.

The Table will close on April 26 after being open as a "thriving" eatery for nine years.

Vernon Blackmore, who runs the restaurant alongside a number of other establishments in the area, said it had been difficult to gain support from landlords to help secure the business' future.

With the lease on the site also coming to an end, Mr Blackmore said he was "very sad to make that decision" - but added: "I was able to offer all my staff their jobs in my other establishments."

He said: "With my other establishments, I've had a lot of support from landlords.

"For their own reasons, I was unable to secure any kind of future-proofing.

"It's difficult for them as well. They were unable to provide any additional support.

"I will miss the customers but I hope they will come and see me in my other places. 

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"I miss the enchantment of the courtyard and many wonderful, convivial, delightful times."

He said people's response to the closure "proved to me how important restaurants are to a community".

"Someone else will go in and will create something different or maybe better," he added.

Mr Blackmore hasn't ruled out The Table appearing in other locations.

"We are going to take the name around," said Mr Blackmore. 

"I've already had a few approaches from some other establishments where I can go in and just do a night in their places as The Table."

"Something that is proving popular in the West Country is popping up in quirky locations," said Mr Blackmore. 

"On the beach or in grand meadows or people's gardens. 

"People want the experience now and they are more open to eating outside."