Turkey trade brisk at Colchester poultry sale

A total of 1,603 poultry went through Stanfords Colchester Poultry Sale on Saturday, December 17.

A large company of public and trade buyers competed well throughout the day for this large entry, which included some 1,262 turkeys, 220 chickens, 101 geese and 20 brace of various game.

Trade from start to finish was firm with the large numbers easily absorbed.

In the turkey section large stag birds recorded to �50 per head with plenty more at �30 to �38 per head depending on weight. Medium range Cock Turkeys regularly trading from �22 to �30 per head with the family size 14 to 18 pound birds in the �16 to �25 per head. Hen Turkeys keenly sought also with 20 pound hens making up to �30 per head and 16 pound hens trading up to �28 per head.

A large entry of geese, some resistance to the trade this year, best 19 pound geese to �52 per head. Plenty of geese in the �30 to �40 per head. Several light geese about weighing 10 to 12 pounds trading about �1.40 per pound.

A smaller than usual entry of chickens with good heavy birds up to �29.50 per head but generally 10 to 12 pound chickens trading at �12 to �15 per head. A noticeable absence of lighter chickens.

Entry of game saw pheasants to �3 a brace, partridge to �2.50 a brace.