UK: Bacon is ‘undervalued’ says BPEX report

Bacon 'is underrated'

Bacon 'is underrated' - Credit: Hollis Photography

A bacon report suggests the product is not being given its due.

The first BPEX Foodservice Bacon Report takes a look at bacon and the opportunities to add value to menus in the run up to Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week from March 18 to 24.

The pig levy payers’ organisation says despite its versatility, it is under-valued.

Those working in foodservice could make much more of bacon, said BPEX’s Tony Goodger “The report clearly shows the popularity of quality assured bacon and how customers can be positively influenced by menu descriptions and labelling. There are many clues here to improve take up of bacon-dishes further,” he said.

“This is particularly important at a time when bacon – and pork in general – is very much in the headlines thanks to campaigns such as Bacon Connoisseurs Week and ‘Give a Fork about Your Pork’, fronted by Jimmy Doherty.”

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