UK: Farm Crisis Network changes name

THE Farm Crisis Network (FCN) charity is changing its name to The Farming Community Network in order to dispel the belief that its volunteers are able to offer help only at times of crisis.

FCN, supported by 300 volunteers, already offers support at the point when problems and difficulties first arise.

“We hope that by making our presence more evident in the farming community, a greater number of those in need of help will approach us earlier,” said chief executive Charles Smith.

“You will see an FCN presence at livestock markets and all manner of business and social events in the hope that anyone in need will not feel constrained in seeking help whenever it is needed.”

The charity says the new name reflects the breadth of FCN’s support activities and its close relationship with the whole farming community. In addition to the core pastoral and practical support offered at a personal level by FCN, volunteers offer a wide range of specialities including dealing with the complex bureaucracy which surrounds farming and farm management and maintain specialist technical knowledge to allow them to support farmers as they work through business based difficulties.

Carrs Billington Agriculture (Operations) has given its support to the name change.

“In these challenging times, it is important to recognise that some members of the farming community may well benefit from help and support to ensure that a ‘crisis’ point is avoided,” it said.

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“We hope that the newly christened Farming Community Network will be able to extend their work across the whole community thereby benefitting both our customers and all those associated with them.”

The design and production of The Farming Community Network’s new name and logo has been produced by AGCO and Massey Ferguson is arranging for press advertisements to support the announcement.

The Farming Community Network telephone Helpline is open from 7am to 11pm every day of the year

The charity provides practical and pastoral support for farmers and for farming families during times of need, anxiety and distress which stem from the farm business or from within the family.