UK: Farmers battle extreme weather

A newly born lamb is licked clean by his mother

A newly born lamb is licked clean by his mother - Credit: PA

FARMERS have been working around the clock to combat extreme weather to keep the industry moving, its leaders say.

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) said despite the extraordinary circumstances, farmers were continuing to deliver, and trying to get sheep inside. Unseasonable snow and icy conditions across the country has caused disruption for many. NFU vice president Adam Quinney said the work going on was “incredible”.

“It has put an extraordinary strain on the industry after what has been a torrid 12 months of extreme weather, compounded by the fact that many farmers’ sheep are lambing at the moment.

“Sheep are adapted to living outside but it is unusual to be lambing in this weather and we do expect to see some losses in areas hardest hit. I’ve talked to families where everyone is out all day and night just trying to get feed out there.

“You will find farmers up and down the country helping to ensure roads are clear so feed deliveries can make it onto farm, and in many cases bringing animals inside to protect against the elements.

“The work that’s going on is incredible and farmers are just exhausted, but they are continuing to work hard to ensure that as much that can be done is being done in these unprecedented circumstances.”