UK: Farmers to hold dairy crisis meeting in London next week

DAIRY farmers from across the country are expected to attend a meeting in Westminster on Wednesday to discuss the deepening crisis in the industry.

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) said it was expecting dairy farmers to join its president Peter Kendall, Minister for Agriculture and Food Jim Paice and other representatives from the dairy sector to address recent crippling milk price cuts and consider what action is needed to bringing about a sustainable dairy supply chain.

The NFU is warning that the price cuts will drive farmers out of the dairy industry, which is united in its demand for an immediate reversal of recent and planned cuts.

It says there is a “window of opportunity” between now and August 1, when price cuts come into force, to ensure that all milk price cuts imposed on farmers since April 1 be restored.

“This summit will act as a catalyst for that reversal, and will also allow discussion about how we bring about wholesale change to the sector so that dairy farmers are not paid a price below the cost of production for their milk, and to ensure the future of this vital industry is secured,” it says.