UK lamb sales boom

UK lamb has seen a 40% rise in sales in Germany over the past two years, following a campaign to establish it in the gastronomy sector.

The German appetite for UK lamb was highlighted during a visit to the UK organised by levy payers’ organisation EBLEX.

It hosted 12 guests, including retail buyers and journalists, on a three-day visit to the UK which showcased farm-to-plate lamb production and included sheep farm and auction market visits, lamb cutting demonstrations and a lamb dinner.

Germany is now the second largest export market for UK lamb after France.

EBLEX is planning a special reception in Dusseldorf later this month as part of its exports drive.

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Jean-Pierre Garnier, EBLEX export manager, said: “Our guests were very impressed by what they saw. Germany is now the second largest export market for UK lamb and sales have increased by more than 40 per cent over the last two years. During that time we have campaigned to establish the product within the gastronomy sector.

“We are now starting to make inroads with the retail sector and are making steady progress. Sheep meat exporters can see the potential opportunities and are increasingly committed to developing them.”

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