UK: Open Farm Sunday pollinator survey

Children feeding cows at an Open Farm Sunday event

Children feeding cows at an Open Farm Sunday event - Credit: Archant

The study is run by CEH and Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF).

People across Britain recorded a staggering 16,000 insects during the first ever national farm Pollinator Survey conducted on 36 farms during last year’s Open Farm Sunday and the 2013 survey will build on this citizen science success.

Dr Helen Roy from CEH, who is leading the research, said: “Many people are concerned about the declines that have been observed for many groups of insects over the last decade. Insects that play a vital role in pollination are no exception.

“It is so important that we monitor these insects and the information we can collect year on year through the Open Farm Sunday National Pollinator Survey will make a fantastic contribution to our understanding of insect populations.”

There are still opportunities for farms opening for Open Farm Sunday to take part in the pollinator survey. Anyone interested in applying should contact Annabel Shackleton at LEAF on 024 7641 3911. Farms taking part will be linked with scientists and experts to help run the survey.