UK: Oxford Farming Conference to hear how trees help ‘Sustainable Intensification’

The Woodland Trust will promote how trees can help farmers achieve ‘sustainable intensification’ at a fringe event at the 2013 Oxford Farming Conference.

The Trust’s event at 4.50pm on Wednesday, January 2, will feature case studies from several farmers who have already demonstrated the benefits of tree planting on their farms.

John Tucker, Director of Woodland Creation, said: “The quest for increased productivity while remaining environmentally friendly has been a major theme at the Oxford Farming Conference for a number of years. Recently we have been working more and more closely with farmers, and we believe that our work is increasingly relevant, not just in terms of countryside stewardship, but also as a means of providing real commercial benefits.

“Tree planting offers business benefits to livestock and arable farmers, and has an important role to play in combating soil erosion, aiding water management and reducing the effects of extreme weather.”

The Woodland Trust can help farmers by providing expertise, consultancy and guidance on obtaining funding for tree planting.