UK Voluntary Initiative reaches deal with Environment Agency over voluntary measures on pesticides

Richard Butler, chair of the Voluntary Initiative

Richard Butler, chair of the Voluntary Initiative - Credit: Archant

The Voluntary Initiative, a farmer and crop protection industry-led body, has reached agreement with the Government on water protection.

It has signed an agreement with the Environment Agency confirming that voluntary measures are the preferred way forward for meeting the pesticide requirements of the Water Framework Directive. VI chair Richard Butler said: “The government has made it clear that it is looking for partnerships rather than red tape when it comes to implementing this type of European legislation. This agreement builds on and clarifies the excellent working relationship the VI has with the Environment Agency.

Environment Agency pesticide expert Jo Kennedy said: “Partnerships with the farming and crop protection industry make the best use of expertise and local knowledge. They have an important role to play in managing catchment pesticide risk – everyone benefits.”

Work on the agreement is a key activity featured in the 2011/12 VI Annual Report, published this week.