Suffolk man finds maggots in his supermarket broccoli

The maggot in brocolli found by Adam Edward

The maggot in brocolli found by Adam Edward - Credit: Archant

A window cleaner from Hadliegh got more than he bargained for when he broke open his broccoli to find live maggots writhing around inside.

Adam Edwards bought the offending vegetable in a loose state from his local Morrisons Supermarket in Hadleigh on Sunday afternoon. “I bought everything for a roast dinner started cooking and my sister said there’s holes in the broccoli,” said the 26 year-old who owns Hadleigh window cleaning. “I broke some open in half to find live maggots inside. I just found it disgusting to be honest.

“Clearly the vegetable had been sat a while for maggots to even be eating it, and clearly the maggots had been eating it for a while for the hole to be inside of it.”

Mr Edwards said that he called Morrisons Customer Services to complain about the state of his broccoli, but was given the impression that the supermarket chain was “not interested.” “They said its normal, basically,” he said. “When something dies in between the leaves sometimes maggots grow and they can’t get them out, so it’s fine.”

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: “We normally tell people in these instances to return the product to our store. We ask the customer to please contact us, so that we can respond accordingly.”