Video: The Arc in Bury St Edmunds open as investigations continue into mysterious smell

The Arc shopping centre in Bury is cordoned off due to a gas leak.

The Arc shopping centre in Bury is cordoned off due to a gas leak. - Credit: Archant

A shopping centre closed for almost five hours due to a suspected gas leak has re-opened as normal.

The Arc, in Bury St Edmunds, closed at around noon yesterday when a member of the public reported a strong smell of gas.

Emergency services took the decision to evacuate the centre, and it remained closed until around 4.45pm while National Grid engineers searched for the cause.

Traders have been left counting the cost of closing for most of a busy Saturday afternoon.

However centre manager Colin Roberts has revealed everyone has been left clueless as to what caused the pungent smell.

Mr Roberts said: “We don’t know what caused the smell which is the frustrating thing about it.

“We had a long debrief with the National Grid and though I’d be cautious about the term ‘mystified’ the chief said he was unable to give any more information.

“It is a massive concern that it could come back.”

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Investigations will continue by the shopping centre in a bid to track down the source of the odour.

Mr Roberts also apologised again for the inconvenience caused but re-iterated that public safety was the main priority.

He also praised the emergency services and National Grid for their excellent response to the incident.