'Dream come true': Excitement as new salon opens in Woodbridge

A new salon is opening at Woodbridge’s Ufford Park

A new salon has opened at Woodbridge’s Ufford Park - Credit: Prominent PR

A national award-winning stylist has been appointed the manager of a new salon at Woodbridge's Ufford Park. 

A Cut Above opened at the east Suffolk hotel earlier this week, with Becky Marion being appointed manager. 

Becky, who specialises as a colour technician, said the job is a “dream come true” thanks to the salon’s unique location boasting stunning views across the golf course.

She said: "I am so happy to be here.

Becky Marion has been appointed manager of Cut Above at Woodbridge’s Ufford Park

Becky Marion has been appointed manager of Cut Above at Woodbridge’s Ufford Park - Credit: Prominent PR

“It has been really exciting getting everything ready. I want this to be a space for clients and their families to come and have a chin wag and leave feeling beautiful.

“Everyone has had such lovely things to say so far and can see we have something special here.”

Becky’s previous work in salons across the east has seen her win numerous national awards, including a silver award for Colour Technician of the Year at the British Hair and Beauty Talent Awards in 2020.

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The salon is located inside the hotel spa, which boasts a pool, thermal suite, fitness studio and massage, body and hand nail treatments. 

The hairdresser of 14-years said she cannot wait to work with more clients on the wedding day and would like to see people make a day of their visit, enjoying the variety of facilities Ufford Park has to offer. 

She added: “How many salons do you know with a view like this?

The interior of the new salon at Woodbridge’s Ufford Park

The interior of the new salon at Woodbridge’s Ufford Park - Credit: Prominent PR

“There is so much to enjoy here, you can get your hair done, spend a day in the spa and enjoy a few drinks in the bar.

“I want to give my clients an offer they cannot get anywhere else.

“I am one of the luckiest people in the world,” she added. “I love my job and love meeting and speaking to my clients, but to do so here where we have such a unique offering is amazing.

“I am really looking forward to the future and what we can achieve.”