Call for Beach Station at Felixstowe to be used for employment development

Harry Dangerfield (right) and Mike Ninnmey lay a wreath on the site of the former Beach Station in F

Harry Dangerfield (right) and Mike Ninnmey lay a wreath on the site of the former Beach Station in Felixstowe to mark the 11th anniversary of the stations demolition.

Campaigners are calling for action to tidy up and find an employment use for the site of a railway station which they say was torn down with “indecent haste”.

It is 11 years since Felixstowe’s Beach Station building, which had been home to a printing company, was bulldozed late at night as campaigners tried to find ways to save it.

Since then the site and old platform has been left fenced off and become overgrown with weeds and brambles.

On Saturday, former councillors Mike Ninnmey and Harry Dangerfield placed a wreath to mark the 11th anniversary.

Mr Ninnmey said: “We can look at this wasteland and weep, and still ask what was the hurry?

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“At the time we were talking to the Bressingham railway mseum about the possibility of taking Beach Station apart brick by brick and moving it there and yet no-one would wait. There has been no planning application since and no-one knows what will become of the site.”

Mr Ninnmey has suggested the station could be reopened as rail halt for commuters and tourists.

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He said: “Sadly there is no will to do that – everyone talks about how we might get better public transport links but no-one wants to take action. The site is a disgrace and it needs to be tidied up or used for employment development to bring new jobs.”

Beach Station was opened in 1877 as the resort’s first railway station just yards from the beach and brought thousands of tourists to enjoy a day by the sea until it fell victim to the Beeching cuts of the 1960s.

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