Calm waters and wildlife

Lotte Sherman soaks up the tranquility around Gosfield

Halfway around this journey lies the Fennes Estate and a couple of picturesque fishing lakes, inviting you to pause awhile, soaking up the tranquility and watching the wildlife on and around the waters.

Start your journey from Petersfield’s Farm; walk to your right out of the car park and shortly turn into New Road. At the end, look for the fingerpost pointing left to a narrow alleyway, which exits onto the main road. Cross straight over to the farm track leading to Aylewards Farm, where waymarkers guide walkers around the complex and to an old concrete track with a field to the left.

At the far field corner, turn left, continuing on the path along the left of a hedge (ignore the footbridge in the hedge). Shortly you emerge on a minor road, swing left towards the sharp right-hand bend and follow the track towards Harmas Farm. Pass this homestead to the far side of the pond and turn sharp left into a cross-field path, aiming for the gap in the trees ahead.

There are two footbridges to cross to continue in the same direction, passing “Shoulder of Mutton Wood” and emerging on a minor road. Keep walking south and soon you have the large Fennes Estate on your left. This estate boasts a shooting school, hires out venues for special functions and has a couple of fishing lakes.

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You will also see signs indicating ways for the East Anglian Farm Rides (EAFR). Ignore the turn-off on the right, but follow the next marked footpath along the concrete track leading off from the left. This doubles up as an access track for anglers to get to parking spaces besides a beautiful fishing lake. This is a convenient spot for a break and to rest awhile, enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Continue your journey to the end of the track and keep walking in an easterly direction along the field’s edges, ignoring any paths going south. As you near High Garrett, part of the old Roman road, yellow arrows on posts guide walkers through a gap in a hedge and onto the road. Walk to the left and almost immediately cross over safely into Sunnyfields Road; ignore the first path leading off from the left, but follow the second one along the hedge until you arrive at the path junction.

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Go to the left along the byway for a couple of hundred metres, pass through a wooded area and, when emerging out of the trees, the way runs between two fields to end at a minor road. Proceed to the left to Stone Cottage, (aptly named after the incorporation of flintstones in the outer walls) where a fingerpost identifies the direction of a public footpath.

Not far along you come to a corner of vegetation. Bear left, making your way underneath transmission lines. Aim for the road ahead, ignoring the lines crossing from left to right. The path exits onto the A131; however, slightly to the left on the opposite side, a footpath takes walkers away from traffic through woods. This path is part of the East Anglian Farm Rides (EAFR) although it does not appear to be frequently used by riders. Once out of the wood, you will be walking across a field and shortly arrive back at Perterfield’s Farm.

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