Cameras 'reducing accidents'

THE number of road accidents in which people have been killed or seriously injured has fallen by 91% at fixed speed camera sites in Suffolk, new figures reveal.

THE number of road accidents in which people have been killed or seriously injured has fallen by 91% at fixed speed camera sites in Suffolk, new figures reveal.

Suffolk SafeCam, which manages the county's fixed and mobile speed cameras, has reported saving 44 lives since its launch a year ago.

There has also been 54% fewer accidents where someone is killed or seriously injured in which mobile speed cameras have been positioned.

David Hodgkinson, director of Accident and Emergency at Ipswich Hospital, said: " Preventing 44 casualties coming through our doors means that valuable time and resources can be utilised elsewhere.

"It can take up to 29 highly specialised personnel to deal with a road accident victim in the first few hours alone and often this is just the beginning.

"If a patient then requires intensive care or transfer to a specialist unit, the demand on time and resources increases dramatically. Complete recovery may take years or the patient could be left with a permanent disability of disfigurement.

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"For some patients, even with all the available expertise, modern medicine can not treat their injuries and they will die in spite of everyone's best efforts. Anything that helps prevent road accidents has to be better than this."

Suffolk currently has eight fixed camera sites, which are the A1065 at Brandon, A1304 at Newmarket, A14 at Haughley, A140 at Coddenham, A140 at Earl Stonham, A14 at Brome, A12 Benhall and the A1144 at Lowestoft.

There are also 52 locations where mobile enforcement takes place.

All money received from fixed penalties is returned to the Treasury and only the costs of running the partnership can be recovered.

Peter Monk, member of Suffolk County Council's executive committee said, "This is excellent news from Suffolk SafeCam and proof that safety cameras are a very effective tool in reducing accidents.

"In just one year 44 casualties have been saved, and this achievement should be applauded. The joint resources of Suffolk SafeCam means that organisations can work together to improve the safety of our roads, but we need the driving public as a partner too, the sooner that people understand the direct relationship between higher speeds and accidents the better."

Ch Insp Alan Pawsey, of Suffolk Constabulary, added: "We want individuals in Suffolk to use the roads free from death, injury and fear. Speed enforcement is just one of the tactics that we can employ to ensure safer roads. We also engage in a range of other activities such as routine road checks, patrolling fast roads with a poor safety record, driver improvement schemes and initiatives such as Bike-safe."

Suffolk Safecam's website is updated weekly with the location for mobile enforcement vehicles and can be found at

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