Campaigners welcome library move

CAMPAIGNERS who have been fighting for months to save their local libraries have welcomed the news that none will be closed.

James Hargrave, who has been leading the fight to save Stradbroke and other rural libraries said the news was a real boost to those who had taken part in the campaign.

But he warned that most people would hold off from celebrating until they had studied all the details – and until a final decision was taken in November.

He said: “This does sound like good news and I’m sure many of the campaigners will be very pleased.

“I’ve looked at the proposals and of the three options on offer, I am sure most people would want the council to adopt the first proposal which would see the library service continuing to be fully part of the county council.

“We also really need to wait until November to know the final shape of the library service, but if it means that all libraries will be kept open well after April next year then that will be good.”

The news was also welcomed by Steve Smedley who led the campaign to save Leiston library.

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He said: “I think we have to give this a cautious welcome but we do need to see all the details and there are still concerns that it could still pave the way for divestment in the future.”

The threat to the libraries had galvanised people into understanding how important they were to them.

He said: “I think people who just used the libraries became aware of how vital they are, and I’m pleased to see the county is talking about developing them as community hubs.”