Camper vans banned from sea wall

A BAN preventing caravans from parking on a sea wall along the Suffolk coast has now come into force.

Danielle Nuttall

A BAN preventing caravans from parking on a sea wall along the Suffolk coast has now come into force.

Signs have been erected at Slaughden Quay, on the southern edge of Aldeburgh, warning drivers of motor homes they can no longer park in the area.

The ban, introduced by Suffolk Coastal District Council, follows complaints that the vans damage the wall, spoil the coastal views and owners empty chemical toilets in the sea.

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It also emerged there could be up to 30 camper vans parked there on a single night.

Andy Smith, cabinet member for car parks, said: “The sea wall at Slaughden had become an increasingly popular attraction for motor homes but it was never designed for, or can cope with, the numbers that it was attracting.

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“I know that motor home drivers are a responsible group of people and will respect the new restriction - indeed since we first publicised our intention, the numbers have fallen already.

“The wall is a critical part of our sea defences, and is under threat. It has a loose shingle surface and the turning of large vehicles has caused increased problems with pot-holing, which could quickly lead to significant erosion.

“To help protect the sea wall and still allow other visitors the chance to enjoy the view, motor homes can no longer go up there, and we are also introducing a ban on any overnight parking by any vehicle.”

Mr Smith added: “I would stress that motor homes are still welcome in Aldeburgh and indeed at Slaughden Quay car park, but only on its lower level and during the day.”

The council said they had received regular complaints from residents about congestion, increased erosion, noise and litter in an area which is next to the historic Martello Tower and an important estuary.

“I am sure that people will respect these new restrictions, particularly when they realise that the reasons for doing it is to protect the very place that they want to visit,” said Mr Smith. “Slaughden Quay does offer a spectacular view for visitors and residents alike and we expect that keeping a check on the usage of the sea wall will preserve it for future visitors and residents.”

The council is set to review its policy with Aldeburgh Town Council later this year when it will consider the views of motor home owners.

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