Revealed: Candidates for first-ever West Suffolk Council election

West Suffolk House in Bury St Edmunds. The first West Suffolk Council meeting took place on May 22 P

West Suffolk House in Bury St Edmunds. The first West Suffolk Council meeting took place on May 22 Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

The first election of the newly-formed West Suffolk Council will take place on May 2, with 64 seats up for grabs.

Voters will head to the polls for the local council elections on May 2 Picture: PA

Voters will head to the polls for the local council elections on May 2 Picture: PA - Credit: PA

The new authority, formed to replace St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Forest Heath District Council, will be electing 64 councillors – down from 72 following a ward boundary review.

The first West Suffolk Council election will also be combined with any contested elections for the 117 parish and town councils across the area.

There are 131 polling stations in total, including 17 new venues, one of which is the historic windmill at Thelnetham.

Counts will take place on Friday, May 3 at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre in Beetons Way, with the first West Suffolk Council declaration expected around 11.30am.

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Here is the complete list of who is standing for West Suffolk Council:

Abbeygate (two seats): Nicola Iannelli-Popham (Lab), Lisa Ingwall King (G), Chris Lale (LD), Joanna Rayner (C)* Andrew Speed (C)*

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Bardwell: Julian Flood (UKIP), Andrew Smith (C)*

Barningham: Carol Bull (C)* (Uncontested)

Barrow: Ian Houlder (C)* (Uncontested)

Brandon Central: Susan Dean (Lab), Frank Hart (C), Victor Lukaniuk (Ind)*, Susan Smith (Ind)

Brandon East: Peter Callaghan (Ind), Andy Erlam (Lab), Peter Ridgwell (Ind)*, Reg Silvester (C)*, Phil Wittam (Ind)

Brandon West: Christine Mason (C)*, David Palmer (Ind)*, Eddie Stewart (Ind)

Chedburgh and Chevington: Mike Chester (C)*, Gary Dillon (Lab)

Clare, Hundon and Kedington (three seats): Stuart Letten (UKIP), Jim Meikle (Ind), Robin Pilley (C)*, Karen Richardson (C)*, Marion Rushbrook (C)

Eastgate: Patsy Warby (Ind)*, Cliff Waterman (Lab), Frankie Wright (C)

Exning: Simon Cole (C)* (Uncontested)

Haverhill Central: Roger Andre (Lab), Aaron Luccarini (Ind), Susan Roach (C)

Haverhill East (two seats): John Burns (Ind)*, Tatiana Chernyavskaya (C), Pat Hanlon (Lab), Bryan Hawes (C), Lora Miller-Jones (Lab)

Haverhill North (two seats): Donald Allwright (G), Ian Hirst (UKIP), Joe Mason (C), Elaine McManus (C)*, Damien Page (Lab)

Haverhill South (two seats): Jason Crooks (Ind)* Denis Lynch (C), Ken Rolph (LD), David Smith (Lab), Liz Smith (Lab), Heike Sowa (C)

Haverhill South East: Tony Brown (Ind)*, Liam Collins (C), Alan Stinchcombe (Lab)

Haverhill West (two seats): Stuart Dillon (Lab), Paula Fox (Ind)*, Margaret Marks (C)* David Roach (C)* Becca Smith (Lab)

Horringer: Terry Clements (C)*, Robin Davies (Lab)

Iceni (two seats): Michael Bradshaw (Ind), Dawn Dicker (Ind), Douglas Hall (C), Gaelle Kemp (Lab), Jordon Millward (C), Simon Morse (G), Claire Unwin (Lab)

Ixworth: John Griffiths (C)* (Uncontested)

Kentford and Moulton: Hilary Appleton (Lab), Roger Dicker (Ind)*, Tom Kerby (C)

Lakenheath (two seats): Stephen Frost (C), David Gathercole (Ind) , Colin Noble (C)*

Manor: Brian Harvey (C)* (Uncontested)

Mildenhall Great Heath: Dickie Alecock (Ind), Russell Leaman (C)

Mildenhall Kingsway & Market: David Bowman (C)*, Patrick Finn (Lab), Ian Shipp (Ind)

Mildenhall Queensway: Ruth Bowman (C)*, Andrew Neal (Ind)

Minden (two seats): Edward Allen (LD), Robert Everitt (C)*, Donna Higgins (Lab), Helen Korfanty (LD), Richard O’Driscoll (Lab), Clive Springett (C)*

Moreton Hall (three seats): Trevor Beckwith (Ind)*, Cyrille Bouche (Lab), Peter Thompson (C)*, Frank Warby (Ind)*, Tony Whittingham (C)

Newmarket East (two seats): Andrew Appleby (Ind)*, John Derry (LD), Andrew Gillett (LD), Rachel Hood (C), Robert Nobbs (C)*, Chris O’Neill (Ind), Susan Perry (Lab), Robert Yarrow (Lab)

Newmarket North (two seats): Ruth Allen (Ind)*, Michael Anderson (Ind)*, Oliver Bowen (Lab), Stephen Edwards (C)*, Robin Millar (C)*, Duncan Russell (Lab)

Newmarket West (two seats): Andy Drummond (C)*, Yasemin Fitzgerald (Lab), Dave Hudson (UKIP), Michael Jefferys (Lab), James Lay (C)

Pakenham & Troston: Simon Brown (C)* (Uncontested)

Risby: Susan Glossop (C)* Sheila Rowell (Lab)

Rougham: Quentin Cornish (Lab), Sara Mildmay-White (C)*

Southgate (two seats): Patrick Chung (C)*, Ian Cullen (Lab), Ann Williamson (C)

St Olaves (two seats): Max Clarke (Lab)*, Paul Hopfensperger (Ind)*, Karen Soons (C)

Stanton: Jim Thorndyke (C)* (Uncontested)

The Fornhams & Great Barton (two seats): Sarah Broughton (C)*, Rebecca Hopfensperger (C)*, Darren Turner (Lab)

The Rows (two seats): John Smith (Ind), Lance Stanbury (C)*, Don Waldron (Ind), James Waters (C)*

Tollgate (two seats): Diane Hind (Lab)*, John Levantis (C), David Nettleton (Ind)*

Westgate (two seats): John Augustine (C), Richard Rout (C)* Marilyn Sayer (Lab)

Whepstead & Wickhambrook: Mary Evans (C)*, Mike McConnell (Lab)

Withersfield: Peter Stevens (C)* (Uncontested)

Key: C – Conservative, Lab – Labour, LD – Liberal Democrats, Ind – Independent, UKIP – UK Independence Party, G – Green Party.

The asterisk denotes a sitting councillor in that authority or its predecessor.

Current councillors not standing again for West Suffolk Council:

Barry Robbins (UKIP) Haverhill North

Rona Burt (C) Iceni

Sarah Stamp (C) Southgate

Carol Lynch (C) Red Lodge

Louise Marston (C) Lakenheath

Jane Midwood (C) Withersfield

Clive Pollington (C) Wickhambrook

Alaric Pugh (C) Clare

Nigel Roman (C) Great Heath

Julia Wakelam (G) Risbygate

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